Groovy Silk Scarf

I’m emerging from such a winter. And that’s all I’ll say about that. Grabbing some golden-hour light after a long walk with the dogs, I got to model my first non-wool knitted thing since I don’t know when.

groovy silk3

I will only gaze heavenward.

groovy silk 4

The pattern I followed is Groovy by Annie Baker of Jumper Cables Knitting. And, of course more details on my Ravelry project page for those of you who care.

groovy silk5

The yarn was given to me by my dear friend and Knitter Extraordinaire, Kanitta. She’s always sending me yarn, and I’ve tried *so hard* to make her stop. It’s such a trial for me. This is Dance Rustic Silk from Dragonfly Fibers. Appropriately, the colorway is “Red Bud.”

groovy silk2

I love the simple geometry of this pattern, with the notched edges and alternating smooth and rough textures. The Rustic Silk suits me like a dream. It looks rough and textured, but it’s actually soft and drapey to the touch. Scarves are handy accessories for between the seasons, and the silk just takes the chill off without insulating the way wool might.

groovy silk1

I do have more projects up my sleeve; just haven’t been in the blogging zone of late. Hey, maybe Groovy will help me get my groove on. Groan.

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