lilac spring mitts

You probably thought I’d never post again.  Well, I’m still kickin!  Things have been a little crazy for us over here in CoMo.  You see, we got all grown up while you weren’t looking, and bought a house!  All this responsibility has caused crafty endeavours to plummet on the priority list, but that needs to stop right about now.

I’ve been unpacking, nesting, rearranging, and generally loving all the space and all the ownership.  But I recently realized that I’ve really been missing my sewing machine, my knitting needles, my yarn yarn yarn and fabric!  I am certainly excited about painting and decorating the vast expanses of our new home, but interior design is not my strong point and it’s frankly making me feel kind of inadequate.  So it’s time to just get my sewing room (yeyyah, people, that’s an entire HUGE room in the partially-finished basement, wahoo!) in order and put some yarn on deck for knitting projects.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to do a little catch-up on the past weeks (ahem, months…?) of making stuff chez Jessica.  First on the docket is a cute little pattern for fingerless mitts that I made for Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe here in Columbia.  Karen, the shop owner, wanted to make up some kits for a craft show where she had a booth, so I came up with a simple lace design for the transitional spring season.  We’re waaay behind on spring now, but if you’re feeling organized, you could start knitting for fall.  And hey, while we’re getting ahead of ourselves, why not get started on stocking stuffers?

The Lilac Spring Mitts pattern is available as a PDF download on Ravelry HERE, and you can always peruse my other patterns in my Ravelry Shop.




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